TOP-10 Best Hoverboards | 2020 Impressive Buyer’s Guide

Posted on April 09 2020

TOP-10 Best Hoverboards | 2020 Impressive Buyer’s Guide


If you are looking for a one-wheeled hoverboard, consider the SURFWHEEL brand. The company was established in 2014 to produce modern electric skateboards based on the most advanced technologies. This model combines a lightweight design with excellent performance. With a weight of just 19 pounds, the skateboard can reach a max speed of up to 12 mph. Due to Surfwheel proprietary technology in electric motion detection and patented drifting tire tread, you can ride as smoothly as if you were surfing.

Parents will particularly appreciate the enhanced safety features of the SURFWHEEL skateboard. This one-wheel board comes with 4 extra patented safety wheels, which will be especially useful for beginners. Another significant advantage of this product is a replaceable battery which you can easily remove and carry with you. When fully charged, the battery has a range of 10 miles, allowing you to quickly reach nearby destinations. You can safely use the skateboard in the dark thanks to its six LED lights that provide 360-degree illumination. And finally, you can download the Surfwheel App on your Android or IOS device to switch between modes and adjust the lights.

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