Best Electric Skateboards of 2020

Posted on April 03 2020

Best Electric Skateboards of 2020

3. Surfwheel SU One +4 Wheels Electric Skateboard

The Surfwheel SU looks like a transportation device straight out of star wars. However, even though it costs more money than a traditional electric skateboard, its value is fantastic. Its patented safety wheels, for instance, adapt to all road conditions. The ride smoothly on tarmac and gravel. Moreover, you can ride the Surfwheel SU on rocks, mud, snow, sand, or dirt without the wheels sticking. However, because it is not as stable as 4-wheeled longboards, it needs a bit of effort to ride.

The recommended load capacity of a Surfwheel SU is 180 pounds. However, individuals weighing up to 220 pounds can mount it and ride it for hours without its wheel buckling or its board snapping. Its top speed is about 12MPH, while the replaceable Li-ion battery it draws power is durable and safe.

What We Like
  • Supports 220 pounds
  • Replaceable battery pack
  • Surf-drifting tire tread
  • Safe for 13+ year old

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