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    Designed to thrill. Engineered for Surfing on land.

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Designed to Thrill & Engineered for Surfing on land

Natural surfing motion

Every move is calculated and simulated to feel like you are surfing, but on land, supported by Surfwheel proprietary technology in electric motion detection to control algorithm.

Patented drifting tire tread & wheel

Every piece of the tire, from the tire’s tread (US10065103B2), hardness, and shape has been crafted to give you the feeling of surfing on land. The airless tire will never go flat.

Patented Safety wheels and Illuminates 360 degrees

All Surfwheel skateboards are equipped with safety wheels for nosedive recovery (US10058765B2) and are 360 degree illuminated with LED lights for safe & fun rides.

Designed to thrill

"It’s a Blast! Awesome! Super Cool!"

- Mark D.

Engineered for Surfing on land

Unique Surfwheel Drifting Tire Tread - patent no. US10058765B2

Surfwheel Safety Wheels - patent no. US10065103B2

Surfwheel Foldable Design - patent no. US20180326294B2

Surfwheel Shock Absorber - patent no. US9789384B1

Surfwheel proprietary technology in electric motion detection to control algorithm

App Enabled

The Surfwheel App is available for Android and IOS. Switch between different riding modes: learner and speed. Use the app to update the firmware, check your battery status, and track your speed with the speedometer. Adjust the LED lights of Surfwheel. Limitless features  and games are yet to come.

Benefits of Surfwheeling

Surfwheeling is a balance exercise that helps improve your general sense of balance. It forces your entire body to work together in unison. Many people don’t realize their fundamental sense of balance can be improved, so no matter where you are starting from, someone with very little balance all the way up to professional athletes have balance skills to gain. Beyond balance there are many other benefits that come out of this including improved coordination, improved stability, better concentration (really, balance requires the mind to be fully engaged) burning calories, strengthening your core, and working out many lesser used muscle groups. This translates to really boosting your performance for almost any sport, boardsport, or fitness activity. Arguably most important, Surfwheel is a ton of fun, cool and safe to use. This makes Surfwheel an all season training tool as you surf on land.

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