About Surfwheel

Question: How we started?
Answer: In 2013, the electric mobility field was boring. We imagined something great that we could bring into the market.

We started developing the first Surfwheel, the R1, in 2014 and launched it in 2016. Surfwheel is a one-wheel, motorized skateboard that gives you a zero-gravity feeling while ‘surfing’ on land. The unique tire tread (US10058765B2), with its fine tuned shape and curve of the wheel, gives you the feeling of drifting and a true ‘surfing on land’ experience.


Question: Why Surfwheel? 
Answer: It is the pursuit of engineering and art.

We did not settle after launching the Surfwheel R1. We spent the next 2 years preparing for the launch of Surfwheel SU, TR and DS, bringing a more modern, lighter, and safer ride. We also enhanced the feeling of ‘surfing’ on land. The Surfwheel SU, TR, DS are each equipped with safety wheels (US10065103B2), providing a smooth and easy ride. Surfwheel’s SU, TR, DS weight range from 13 lbs. (6.5kg) to 18 lbs. (8.8kg) making Surfwheel one of the lightest and most portable electric mobility devices in the market. Surfwheel SU, TR, DS are each equipped with powerful high efficient LED lights providing a safer, fun and easy way to be visible at night.

Question: Who are we? 
Answer: We are a team of savvy engineers located in Science Park of Hong Kong.

Our team consists of savvy engineers from India, Swedan, Canada, Malayisa, Hong Kong, China, and USA.