It’s time to Upgrade Your Hoverboard to Surfwheel

Posted on July 10 2019

It’s time to Upgrade Your Hoverboard to Surfwheel



After four years of product research and engineering, the Surfwheel SU is now being introduced to skateboard and hoverboard lovers globally with MRSP399. With a look, feel, and touch that are attractive to existing riders, Surfwheel is their first choice as a hoverboard upgrade.











Support replaceable battery



Riding style

Surfing sensational move

Stand and turn


Full spectral led light all sides and spot light front and rear



The Surfwheel SU gives the rider a feeling of surfing on land. With a more relaxed posture, riding the Surfwheel SU allows the rider to experience surfing around the neighborhood with a stylish electric skateboard.


This handy 26-inch Surfwheel SU can fit in either a school or gym locker. Surfwheel is equipped with patented safety wheels that provide a safe ride, be it to your home or to any other after-school activities.


With patented drifting technology, the Surfwheel central wheel gives sensational movement similar to surfing.


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About Surfwheel:

Surfwheel was born in 2014, with our sights set on providing a safe and fun way to surf on land. The inventor of Surfwheel was significantly inspired by the skiing, surfing, and skateboarding culture while growing up in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The Surfwheel team consists of talented members from the USA, Sweden, Canada, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. We are passionate about making transportation more fun. 


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