Surfwheel Ring - Coming Soon!

$ 359.00 USD

  • Product Description

      Max speed : 10mph
      Range : 8 miles
      Riding style : Patented tire tread for
      Surfing on land movement (US10065103B2)
      App enabled : Support iOS/Android
      LED light : LED light
      Easy to carry : Front/Rear handle
      Support replaceable battery : Easy to remove and replace
      Bring on flight : Carry battery with you
      Weight : 14lbs (6.5kg)
      Cells : 10 x 2000amh 3.6v 
      Dimension : 38*18*13.5cm
      App support: Android, iOS

      Surfwheel Ring accompanies you in every trip. The light weight foldable design allows easy to carry on the go. Ring allows you to cruise nimbly around every corner on the street. Fold it up and put in a bag to prepare for your next journey.

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