Surfwheel TR Electric Skateboard/Hoverboard

$ 329.00 USD

  • Product Description

      Max speed : 10mph

      Range : 7 miles
      Riding style : Patented tire tread for
      Surfing on land movement (US10065103B2)
      App enabled : Support iOS/Android
      LED light : LED light guide
      Spot light : No
      Easy to carry : Pull to go
      Support replaceable battery : N/A
      Bring on flight : Need to disassemble the battery
      Safety wheels : Patented front/rear safety wheel (US10058765B2)
      Weight : 13lbs (6kg)
      Cells : 10 x 2000amh 3.6v (5c)
      Dimension : 55*18*13.5cm

      The handy 22 inch Surfwheel TR gives you the freedom to surf around your neighborhood. Surfwheel TR is designed to give you the ride of the future.

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