One month FREE Surfwheeling - HOW TO



1. Offer your friend 10% Off and 1st month FREE Surfwheel. Click Awards.



2. Choose "Refer a Friend". Send your friend an invitation to join the Surfwheeler Program. With your invitation code, your friend will obtain 380 pts to obtain Surfwheel 10% OFF and 1st month FREE.



3. Once your friend completed the registration/Klarna checkout setup, you will receive 390 pts. Click on "FREE" -> "One Month..." and obtain your one time discount code to obtain another FREE month. Copy(write down) your discount code and follow the next step.

Your referrals need to make a purchase of one of the Surfwheel to earn the point (Surfwheel SU, TR or Ring).

Please note you can redem a monthy deduction of Surfwheel with the following rules.

Referral purchase SU => You can redem a month deduction of SU, TR, Ring.

Referral purchase TR => You can redem a month deduction of TR, Ring.

Referral purchase Ring => You can redem a month deduction of Ring.

Use your Discount code to checkout. Your Klarna payment will be handled by us.




4. Click below. Enter the discount code to checkout. Your next month Klarna payment will be handled by Surfwheel. There is no maximum limit of referrals. Offer more friends to join 1st month FREE and 10% discount to earn unlimited numbers of FREE months.

Surfwheel reserves the right to interpret the Terms of Conditions of Surfwheel program and decide on any questions or disputes arising under these Terms of Conditions.